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Irish Black/Red Cattle, American Wagyu Association and Azteca Horses

Cowboy working cattle Montana

leeping Willow Ranch is located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana.  We proudly offer Irish Blacks/Red Cattle.  The breed traits provide superior fertility, low birth weights, fast maturity, feed efficiency, high milk and weaning weights.  Irish Blacks/Reds perform well in the feed lot with excellent conversions, top gains, high yields and quality carcass.  Irish Black/Red cattle provide a genetic solution for todays beef industry that will change the future of your operation for the good and bring more profit as consistent, high quality calves produced for a substantially lower cost.  Whether you are looking for Irish Black/Red Bulls to breed to your commercial herd or quality Irish Black/Red cows and/or heifers to build or add to your operation, look at what SWR has to offer today. 

Along with our Irish Black/Red herd, we also offer Wagyu Cattle, click the link above and see what you are missing. 

We can't forget our lovely Azteca horse breeding program.  The perfect combination for working these fine cattle.  We are moving forward in a direction that we are proud of and would love to share with you.


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