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Sleeping Willow Ranch

Ranch horse at SWR Cattle

Located in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley, Western Montana is dedicated to bringing you the best of the Azteca breed.  Beginning in 2016, we bred select APHA and AQHA mares to our imported PRE stud, Dorado.  As of 2019, our oldest Azteca is three years old and is in ground training to be ridden in 2020.

Black White Gelding for sale

2017 SW Mi Caballo Rojo "Tonto"

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2017 SW Destello de Dorado "Flash"

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horse for sale

2016 SW Dorado's Mija "Amijah"

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History of the Azteca

In 1972 Mexican Charros began crossing select Andalusian stallions, with the best Quarter Horse and Criollo mares the country had to offer.  The Charros were seeking to produce a horse that had speed, heart, and grace, combined with outstanding cow sense to work their ranches.  The cross not only possessed the ability to work ranches but the versatility to go beyond normal ranch work.  This outstanding cross gained in popularity becoming the "National Horse of Mexico" and being named The Azteca.

2018 black and white filly for sale

2017 SW Mi Precioso "Bonita"

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bald faced grullo colt for sale

2019 SW Smokin Forest

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2018 SW Kozmo’s Kicking Bird "Tito"

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2017 SW Mi Muneca Ken "Ken Doll"



2018 SW Light in the Night "Luna"


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