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Irish Black Bulls for Sale

Our Irish Black Bulls are developed on grass pasture and are also developed on a hillside pasture as yearlings to build muscle. These bulls are of great quality, they are moved on foot, horseback and on four wheeler. They are respectful and get along with one another quite well. They are highly fertile. One bull can easily cover 50-75 cows!! We have some spectacular bulls offered for sale right now as well as some coming yearlings that are going to be wonderful for anyones breeding program. 

108D is a coming 4 year old virgin bull. This bull is 100% grass developed! He would be perfect for adding size on your calves. Well rounded and easy going this bull will produce calves that will grow to be big. 

206E is a coming 3 year old virgin bull. He will produce phenomenal calves. Calm and very well put together, this bull would be perfect to put on cows or heifers!

This is our 2,3 and 4 year old bulls.  All are well put together and ready to breed! 

These are two, coming 3 year old bulls, 203E (left) and 206E (right) Irish Blacks love to work, find food and find the girls. These boys are very well put together and have great demeanors. 203E has been sold. 

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