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History of the Irish Black/Red Cattle Association 

The Irish Black/Red breed is a true American breed founded in the United States by cattleman and genetic scholar, Maurice Boney in the 1960's and 70's.  Boney developed his ideal American beef industry females and mated them with three imported beef Friesian sires, thus initiating the start of the Irish Black/Red breed.  After he scientifically confirmed their sound genetic foundation, he closed his herd books and officially formed the Irish Black/Red breed.  Decades of performance based development followed, dictated specifically by successful line breeding.  The Irish Black/Red Breed was trademarked by the Founder in the 1990's to protect the Breed's genetic future.  By 2009, Irish Blacks and Irish Reds were well established across the United States and had begun to expand internationally. 

Irish Black and Irish Red cattle are developed to carry genetically dominant traits desired by the U.S. beef industry. The Irish Black or Irish Red is of well-balanced conformation and superior performance suited for the purpose of efficiently and consistently producing quality beef.

The genetic power of an Irish Black/Red produces a highly fertile, well balanced animal exhibiting excellent beef industry performance and conformation traits.  Irish Blacks/Reds are coveted by purebred producers for their rewarding economic returns, and highly sought after by progressive commercial cattle producers for their consistent quality and their excellent return on investment.  The Irish Black Cattle Association is a not for profit association organized for the benefit of its members in 2013 to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of Irish Black/Irish Red Cattle.

group of Irish Black Cattle

IRISH BLACKS and IRISH REDS are registered trademarks owned by I.B. and R. Trademarks, LLC and licensed to the IBCA.

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