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SWR is dedicated to improve the quality of the Irish Blacks/Reds and Wagyu Cattle.  All of the cattle are handled as quietly as possible with their health of our utmost concern.  Grass fed and raised, from our ranch to your plate. Kindness and compassion is not a is living.

Owners: Larry & Sheilah Melsness


Tim Hamilton

Ranch Manager

A man surrounded by women. This is a brave man and yet he seems to make it work here at SWR cattle.  Give him two thumbs up!

Bailey Hamilton

Assistant Ranch Operations

Assists in day to day operations of the ranch, cattle and horses. She keeps things organized and operational! She is a do it all kind of girl.

Alyssa Briceland

Ranch Hand

Alyssa is our main barn girl. Keeping all the horses healthy and maintained and also assists with cows when needed.

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