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weanling filly for sale

This is Amijah when she was just two weeks old.  What a doll!

Sleeping Willow Ranch

2016 SW Dorado's Mija

Beautiful is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this lovely filly.  
"Amijah" as she is known here, was one of the first Aztecas born here in 2016.  We knew we were on the right track when she was born, as she displays all of the qualities that the Azteca breed is looking for.  She was very easy to halter train and is currently in training to be ridden in 2020.  She is used to the hot walker, is ponied by her Dam (notice photo below) and is not only carrying a saddle, but is bridled with a snaffle bit.  We are never in a hurry to get on their backs, but we spend the quality time it takes to help them to be a thinking,  good-minded, well adjusted horse before putting someone on their back.  This filly displays qualities that you would look for in a solid working ranch horse.  She is beautiful, smart and has an excellent start on life.  You won't be disappointed in this one!  $8,500 until she rides under saddle.

2016 Azteca bay filly for sale

Correct, straight legs, she has the whole package.

bay Azteca and IALHA filly for sal
Bay Azteca filly

Click on any photo for a larger view.

2017 Azteca bay filly for sale

Big, beautiful, expressive eyes.  What a way to melt your heart!

three year old Azteca filly
Amijah standing quietly on the hot walker

Learning to walk and even stand quietly on the hot walker is one of many aspects of training that this fine filly has had.

Lovely mare and filly being ridden by our ranch hand

There was a photo shoot with one of our ranch hands, Alyssa.  She rode Polly and ponied Amijah.  This is mother and daughter, what a good looking combination!!!

Azteca mare and filly

Alyssa riding Polly and ponying Amijah.  Polly is the Dam of Amijah.

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